What is the CAGE Symposium?


Photo: Elizabeth Sisson

Art educators working in galleries rarely have the opportunity to meet their peers from other regions. They seldom have the chance to engage in quality professional development designed to meet their specific concerns and needs. CAGE holds an national gathering of its members–the CAGE Symposium–every spring, drawing on the expertise of high-level speakers and workshop presenters to examine a theme of interest to our field. Over the course of several days, our members network, learn, and share through meetings, tours, hands-on workshops, and special events.

Why come to a CAGE symposium?

Working in a community that is 750 km from a large city centre I value the annual opportunity to network with my colleagues across the country. At CAGE I find myself surrounded by a community of art gallery educators sharing the same challenges, experiences and opportunities I face. CAGE has played an important role in my professional development, connecting me to friends, introducing me to art galleries across Canada and leaving me with countless fond memories.
Carolyn Holmes, Two Rivers Gallery
The 2014 CAGE conference Keynote Speaker David Anderson caught up to me after I shared Indigenous content in our Royal Ontario Museum presentation on Tackling Difficult Histories and invited me to be an international panellist at the October 2014 United Kingdom Museum Association conference. Many thanks to CAGE organizers for bringing a renowned speaker like David Anderson to network with museum leaders here in Canada!
J'net AyAy Qwa Yak Sheelth, Royal Ontario Museum
I was introduced to CAGE at the 2014 symposium in Kelowna. From the moment I arrived, I was welcomed into this inspiring and energetic group of educators. CAGE not only offers me professional support and reinvigoration but it has also opened up a huge network of contacts, resources, and countless opportunities for collaboration. I would definitely recommend CAGE to both new and established Educators from any cultural institution.
One of the biggest benefits I found with the symposia is meeting colleagues from across the country. There’s something to be said for connecting in person and sharing stories and experiences. Even a conversation in passing can inspire great projects and collaborations.