If you went to YouTube to find out more about “museum/gallery education”, what would you find? Results range from videos produced by institutions to prepare visiting teachers, to art gallery educators producing videos for other art gallery educators. This list outlines some of what folks can encounter on a relatively casual search for information about our profession, with a focus on the “general public” as the audience.

A Day in the Life – Museum Educator


Produced by the Denver Art Museum in 2011, this 10 minute video has a fun, light tone and offers a peek into the life of a museum educator.

STEM Month: Episode 21: Meet a Museum Educator


This 5 minute video is on the Girl Scouts of Maryland’s YouTube channel, and is part of their career profile series. Watch this for a short interview with a museum educator from the National Electronics Museum, and to get a look at how our profession is being shared with young girls.

There are similar “career profile” videos for museum education in these videos:


Museum Educator: MOMA Education Program – Ellen Grenley Career Girls Role Model


The YouTube Channel CareerGirls has a number of videos profiling museum educators. The 2 minute video above has MOMA education professional Ellen Grenley explaining their education departments and programming plans.

Other videos in this series from CareerGirls include:

What is MUSEUM EDUCATION? What does MUSEUM EDUCATION mean? MUSEUM EDUCATION meaning & explanation


Another video produced for the general public to learn more about museum education is this 2 minute one from Audiopedia, a channel that produces simple, animated videos that answer questions.

Why Museum Education


This channel is run by Timothy Paul Brown, a former Curator of Education at Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Above is one of two videos he has that outlines information about museum education itself; why it’s important, how it’s done, and who does it.

The second video is here (1 min, 282 views).

Museum Education


This 2 minute video has a very interesting angle; it shares its museum education and educators as a value for the visitor. The viewer of this video is enticed to visit this museum because of the talent and expertise of the museum educators.