Vancouver gets SWARMed

Smaller art galleries sometimes get overlooked in big cities with large institutions. For the past 18 years, Vancouver's SWARM Festival has gathered strength in numbers--this year's event, running September 7-8, includes numerous artist-run centres, many of which CAGE members visited during our 2015 symposium in Vancouver. Read the Georgia Straight's take on the festival here. Visit [...]

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Interpreting Immigration History Through Art

No trip to Halifax would be complete without a trip to Canada’s Immigration Museum at Pier 21. CAGE 2017 participants will be visiting Pier 21, the Canadian Museum of Immigration. For our group, Pier 21 is offering a private tour concentrating on their arts programming. We will hear about their Artist-in-Residence program (during our visit, [...]

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The Inexorable Force of Time: Thaddeus Holownia

While in Halifax for the CAGE 2017 symposium (April 20-23), participants will explore the Nature of Nature, a celebration of photographer Thaddeus Holownia’s 40 years of production. The New Brunswick-based Holownia merges photographic and geographic histories. His attention to a subject often spans decades. Holownia himself says, “The meaning that resides in my bodies of [...]

Mashup in Vancouver: Time to Get Excited

Sherrie Levine's Fountain (after Marcel Duchamp) The CAGE symposium is just around the corner. The annual get-together of Canada's art educators is taking place in Vancouver March 31-April 2, 2016--and the star attraction is the Vancouver Art Gallery's MashUp exhibition. Want to know more about the full-gallery, top-to-toe installation? The Georgia Straight has [...]

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